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Corporate Objectives

The achievements of an organization are the result of the combined efforts of each individual in the organization working toward common objectives. These objectives should be realistic, should be clearly understood by everyone in the organization and should reflect the organization's basic character and personality and philosophy. 



To achieve sufficient profit to finance our company growth and to provide the resources we need to achieve our other corporate objectives.

The profit we generate from our operations is the ultimate source of the funds we need to prosper and grow. We measure our profitability not just as a return on sales but, increasingly important, as a return on the value of assets needed to produce our profits. The profitability measure is an absolutely essential indicator of our corporate performance over the long term. Only if we continue to meet our profit objectives can we achieve our other corporate objectives.

Profit is not something that can be put off until tomorrow; it must be achieved today. It means that myriad jobs be done correctly and efficiently. The day-to-day performance of each individual adds to, or subtracts from our profit. Profit is the responsibility of all. 



To provide products and services of the highest quality and the greatest possible value to our customers, thereby gaining and holding their respect and loyalty.

ISS's view of its relationships with customers is shaped by two basic beliefs. First, we believe the reason ISS exists is to satisfy real customer needs. Second, we believe those needs can be fully satisfied only with the active participation and dedication of everyone in the company. We must listen attentively to our customers to understand and respond to their current needs and to anticipate their future needs.

The essence of customer satisfaction is a commitment to quality, a commitment that extends into every phase of our operation. Products must be designed to provide superior performance and long, safe, trouble free service. It's important that we choose our suppliers and production partners carefully to ensure they share our commitment to quality, safety and environmental protection.

Careful attention to quality not only enables us to meet or exceed customer expectations, but it also has a direct and substantial effect on our operating costs and profitability. Doing a job properly the first time, and doing it consistently, allows us to employ fewer assets, reduces our costs, and contributes significantly to higher productivity and profits. Each of us must strive for quality and efficiency in everything we do.

Providing innovative, reliable products and services is a key element in satisfying customer needs, but there are other important elements as well. ISS offers many different products and services to a broad set of customers. It is imperative that the products and services recommended to a specific customer are those that will best fulfill the customer's overall, long term needs. This requires that our people work closely with customers to determine the most appropriate, effective solutions to their needs. When problems arise, we must respond in a way that demonstrates ownership and a desire to resolve matters quickly and effectively, thereby enhancing customer loyalty and trust.

Our fundamental goal is to build positive, long term relationships with our customers, relationships characterized by mutual respect, by courtesy and integrity, by a helpful, effective response to customer needs and concerns, and by a strong commitment to providing products and services of the highest quality, value and usefulness. 


Fields of Interest

To participate in those fields of interest that build upon our technologies, competencies and customer interests, that offer opportunities for continuing growth, and that enable us to make a needed and profitable contribution.

ISS's basic purpose is to provide cost effective and sound solutions for ecommerce solution. We have a long term focus on two factor identification and identity management.  We have a dedicated commitment to reducing fraud and identity theft, and helping organization realize new product offering in a safe and reliable environment for both the company and its customers.



To let our growth be limited only by our profits and our ability to develop and produce innovative products that satisfy real customer needs.

We serve a dynamic and rapidly changing technological society. To remain static would be to lose ground. We cannot maintain a position of strength and leadership in our fields without sustained and profit- able growth.

Growth is also important in order to attract and retain high caliber people. These individuals will align their future only with a company that offers them considerable opportunity for personal progress. Opportunities are greater and more challenging in a growing company.

Increasing global competition and worldwide demand for ecommerce solutions require that we think and act globally. To compete effectively we must be close to our customers. We must also capitalize on our size and broad array of skills and resources available to us to be effective with our customers. 


Our People

To help ISSís people share in the company's success which they make possible; to provide them employment security based on performance; to create with them a pleasant and inclusive work environment that values their diversity and recognizes individual contributions; and to help them gain a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment from their work.

We are proud of the people we have in our organization, their performance, and their attitude toward one another, their jobs and the company. The company has been built around the individual, the personal dignity of each and the recognition of personal contributions.

Relationships within the company depend upon a spirit of cooperation among individuals and groups, a commitment to teamwork, and an attitude of trust and understanding on the part of all the people. These relationships will be good only if employees have faith in the company itself.

On occasion, situations will arise where people have personal problems which temporarily affect their performance, and it is important that people in such circumstances be treated with understanding while the problems are being resolved.

ISS manages its business with a goal of providing long term employment for its people and opportunities for personal growth and development. In return, ISS people are expected to meet certain standards of performance on the job, to adjust to changes in assignments, schedules and the work environment when necessary, and to be willing to learn new skills and to apply them where most critically needed. This flexibility is particularly important in our industry where rapid technological change and intensifying worldwide competition compel us all to continually seek better ways to do our jobs.

ISS also places a high value on creating an inclusive environment that benefits from diversity at all levels, values individual differences and enables all ISS people to develop and contribute to their full potential.



To foster initiative and creativity by allowing the individual great freedom of action in attaining well defined objectives.

In discussing ISSí operating policies, we often refer to the concept of "management by objective." By this we mean that, insofar as possible, each individual at each level in the organization should make his or her own plans to achieve company objectives and goals. After receiving managerial approval, each individual should be given a wide degree of freedom to work within the limitations imposed by these plans, and by our general corporate policies. Finally, each person's performance should be judged on the basis of how well these individually established goals have been achieved.

The successful practice of "management by objective" is a two way street. Management must be sure that each individual understands the immediate objectives, as well as corporate goals and policies, and has the necessary training and tools to be successful. Thus a primary ISS management responsibility is communication, coaching, constructive feedback and mutual understanding.

For their part, employees must take sufficient interest in their work to want to plan it, to propose new solutions to old problems, to take reasonable risks and exercise sound judgment in the performance of their jobs. "Management by objective," as opposed to management by directive, offers opportunity for individual freedom and contribution; it also imposes an obligation for everyone to exercise initiative and enthusiasm.

The dynamic nature of our business, places an important responsibility on managers to create an environment that embraces change and helps employees manage the increasing demands of work with their other life activities. This requires a high degree of flexibility and a willingness to consider nontraditional approaches to getting the job done. At the same time, it is important for everyone to recognize there are some policies which must be established and maintained on a company wide basis. We welcome recommendations on these company wide policies from all levels, but we expect adherence to them at all times. 



To honor our obligations to society by being an economic, intellectual and social asset to each nation and each community in which we operate.

All of us should strive to improve the world in which we live. As a corporation operating in many different communities throughout the world, we must make sure that each of these communities is better for our presence. This means identifying our interests with those of the community; it means applying the highest standards of honesty and integrity to all our relationships with individuals and groups; it means creating desirable jobs; it means designing and providing products and services that are safe to use; it means contributing talent, time and financial support to worthwhile community projects.

Each community has its particular set of social problems. As citizens of the community, ISS people can and should do whatever they reasonably can to improve it, either working as individuals or through such groups as charitable, educational, civic or religious institutions. In a broader sense, ISS's "community" also includes a number of business and professional organizations whose interests are closely identified with those of the company and its individual employees. These, too, are deserving of our support and participation. In all cases, managers should encourage ISS people to fulfill their personal goals and aspirations in the community as well as attain their individual objectives within ISS.

At a national and international level, it is essential that the company be a good corporate citizen of each country in which it operates. This means looking for creative ways to apply technology to societal problems and contributing ISS products and support to philanthropic programs that address immediate or long term social needs. Moreover, our employees, as individuals, should be encouraged to help find solutions to national or international problems by contributing their knowledge and talents. The betterment of our society is not a job to be left to a few; it is a responsibility to be shared by all. 



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